Amero Auctions

What Can I expect When Consigning for Auction?

How to Consign to Amero Auctions

First, we ask that you take photos of your item(s) and email them to for an initial inquiry. 


When you bring your property to Amero Auctions for auction consignment evaluation you will meet with our on-premises licensed, certified appraiser and auction coordinator. 


Your property will be evaluated for authenticity and an estimate offered to you as to what you can achieve through our auction. This estimate will be based on comparable recent auction sales and other market factors.  This is a complimentary service.


If you are satisfied with our evaluation, you will review a consignment contract with our auction coordinator which will explain the date of auction, terms of consignment, and consignment fee.


Upon reviewing and signing the contract, your property will be placed with Amero Auctions to be on pre-auction display in our auction house for ultimate sale in our upcoming auction.


Amero Auctions is fully insured and does not charge the consignor an additional insurance fee, photography fee, or sold item shipping fee. 


We will contact you regarding any updates made prior to auction, and you are always welcome to call or email with any additional questions you may have.


Please note that when consigning to our auction your property must be in the condition in which you would like it to be presented. We highly recommend that you contact us before doing any restoration as improper restoration can sometimes be more of a detriment to your piece than no restoration at all. 


If you wish us to prepare your item by repairing, restoring or cleaning, there will be an additional workshop fee which you will be apprised of in advance.


Your property will be presented for auction on the agreed date. Amero Auctions is presented to a live audience on the day of sale, as well as through two of the foremost internet auction platforms which have a global audience reach of millions of potential customers.


Upon the successful sale of your property, payment is issued generally within thirty (30) days. Payment by check is mailed from Amero Auctions unless you have made prior arrangements with the auction house.


If you have additional questions, we encourage you to contact Chris Ball at or by phone 941.330 -1577 / 1578 

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